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The Vest:
Worn by a man who is chosen by the Council to provide support to any man in need during the GMG Weekend. The Vest is an honored position.

The GMG Council

Any man who frequently attends the Granite Men's Gathering may be asked to serve on the Council. It is a body of men who show exemplary strength, compassion, understanding, and support for other men and the Granite Men's Gathering. Without the men of the Gathering, there would be no Council and no Gathering.

Men on the Council serve. Their sole job is to provide direction, vision, support, and safety for the GMG, and all who attend. Positions are held for a period of two gatherings, at which time a man may be asked, or ask to serve again.

Positions exist within the Council to ensure that tasks are delegated and performed so that the GMG can continue to operate and exist. Meetings of the Council occur on Sunday mornings at the gathering, and also at various times throughout the year.

If you are interested in who is currently serving, or serving on the Council yourself, please see a Council member at the GMG.